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Holi’s Popular Indian Chinese Menu For Vegetarians

In the heart of Amsterdam, Holi Restaurant warmly welcomes you to a special world where delicious memories are made. Our popular Indian Chinese menu for vegetarians is more than just food; it’s a heartfelt journey through flavours that resonate with joy and simplicity. Here, we celebrate the union of Indian and Chinese tastes, bringing you a comforting experience that feels like home. Join us in this culinary adventure, where each dish is a reminder of the care and passion we put into being your go-to Indian vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam.

Why Go For Indian Chinese Menu?

In the world of flavours, the Indian Chinese Menu is a delightful fusion that brings the best of two culinary giants together. Imagine the comforting spices of Indian cuisine dancing with the bold twists of Chinese flavours—all in one plate. This unique combination is like a tasty adventure for your taste buds!

In India, this fusion is special because it offers a harmonious blend of familiar Indian tastes with a hint of exciting Chinese zing. It’s the joy of having something comforting yet refreshingly different, making every bite a small celebration.

Holi, being a famous Indian vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam, has crafted an Indian Chinese Menu with this perfect mix, ensuring each dish tells a story of delicious harmony. Dive into this fusion joy and discover why it’s a culinary favourite for many!

Why go for this unique blend? Let’s break it down:

  • Harmony of Spices: Experience the comforting familiarity of Indian spices combined with the bold twists of Chinese seasonings—a blend made in heaven.

  • Best of Both Worlds: Enjoy the joy of having your favourite Indian dishes with a surprising Chinese twist, creating a menu that caters to diverse taste preferences.

  • Exciting Variety: From crispy Veg Manchurian to savoury Paneer Chilly, our Indian Chinese Menu offers a variety that keeps your taste buds on a delicious adventure.

  • Fusion Joy: It’s not just about food; it’s about celebrating the fusion joy that each bite brings, offering a unique and memorable dining experience.

  • Comfort with a Zing: The Indian Chinese Menu is a perfect mix of comforting familiarity and a refreshing zing, making every dish a celebration of delicious harmony.

Top 5 Vegetarian Indian Chinese Options From Our Menu

Here are the top 5 vegetarian dishes from our Indian Chinese menu:


    The fusion symphony begins with VEG MANCHURIAN, a crispy delight that encapsulates the essence of Holi’s culinary mastery. Golden vegetable dumplings, fried to perfection, mingle with a tangy Manchurian sauce, creating an unforgettable blend that showcases the prowess of our chefs. It’s a dish that beckons vegetarians and flavour enthusiasts alike to partake in the vibrant tapestry of Indian vegetarian cuisine in Amsterdam.


    The umami explosion of MUSHROOM CHILLY invites you to explore the earthy richness of mushrooms elevated to culinary perfection. Stir-fried to a tantalising crispiness and bathed in a spicy, savoury sauce, this dish exemplifies the seamless blend of Indian and Chinese influences that define Holi’s unique identity as an Indian restaurant in Amsterdam.

  3. 3. Paneer Manchurian

    At Holi, the premium Indian vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam, we have mastered fusion in harmony with Paneer Manchurian, where Indian cottage cheese takes centre stage in a delectable Manchurian sauce. The marriage of tender paneer cubes with bold Chinese flavours creates a dish that transcends borders, embodying the spirit of fusion that sets Holi apart in the realm of Indian vegetarian dining in Amsterdam.


    PANEER CHILLY introduces Spicy Elegance to your palate, featuring succulent paneer cubes delicately spiced and stir-fried to perfection. This dish is a testament to Holi’s commitment to offering a refined yet bold dining experience, where Indian spices and Chinese subtleties converge, creating a symphony of flavours that captivates vegetarians seeking the best of both worlds.


    Conclude your fusion feast with the Culinary Symphony of VEG FRIED RICE, a colourful medley of fragrant basmati rice and crisp vegetables. Infused with the essence of the wok, this dish complements the bold tastes of Indian Chinese cuisine, offering a delightful finale to your gastronomic journey at Holi.

Holi At Your Service

At Holi, being your cherished Indian vegetarian restaurant in Amsterdam is more than a role; it’s our delightful privilege. Our Popular Indian Chinese Menu for Vegetarians is a testament to our commitment—to weaving not just meals but moments that linger on your palate and in your memory.

Step into our warm embrace, where our chefs infuse every dish with care, turning each bite into a flavorful tale. Holi isn’t just about dining; it’s about creating a haven for those seeking a fusion of comfort and excitement on their plates.

Why choose Holi? Because here, every meal is a journey, every flavour is a discovery, and every visit is a celebration. It’s more than a meal; it’s an exploration of tastes that surprise, delight, and leave a lasting impression.

And when you step into Holi, every visit is a celebration—a harmonious blend of delectable food and enchanting settings. Picture the open-air terrace, inviting you to dine under the stars, the cosy interiors creating an intimate atmosphere, and the lively bar area adding a touch of excitement. The beautiful orchestration of our seating arrangements ensures that your dining experience is not just about what’s on your plate but the entire sensory journey.

At Holi, we don’t just serve meals; we curate experiences—a celebration of flavours, traditions, and the joy of coming together.

Join us at Holi, where service isn’t just a duty; it’s our way of inviting you to experience the joy of genuine hospitality. Visit us or order from us today!